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50th anniversary vinyl editions of Join Inn and Seven Up coming soon!
50 years after their initial releases, the Ash Ra Tempel recordings Join Inn and Seven Up will be re-released as vinyl-only editions on 9 September 2022.

Join Inn was the last recording of the "classic" Ash Ra Tempel line-up with Manuel Göttsching (guitars), Hartmut Enke (bass) and Klaus Schulze (drums). It was the last recording with Hartmut Enke before he stopped making music forever, and the last recording with Klaus Schulze where he played the drums.

This edition of Seven Up contains some previously unreleased photos and the original manuscript by Timothy Leary about the seven levels of consciousness. See this Swiss article (in German) about the history of Seven Up.

Cover picture Join Inn (50th Anniversary Edition) Cover picture Seven Up (50th Anniversary Edition)

For more detailed information and music samples please visit the pages of these recordings on the website of our distributor (Join Inn, Seven Up). Resellers and journalists should contact
"How to buy... Ash Ra Tempel"
Every month, the British music magazine Mojo publishes a list of essential records by an artist or a band in its How to buy article series. For the April 2022 issue, they chose Ash Ra Tempel. You can read the article here.
In memoriam Klaus Schulze
(Only interesting for music lovers who unterstand German:)

Am Sonntag, den 31.07.2022 ab 21.00 Uhr erzählte Manuel Göttsching in der Sendung Elektrobeats auf Radio Eins von seiner Musiker-Freundschaft und Zusammenarbeit mit Klaus Schulze, der diese Welt viel zu früh verlassen hat. Musik von Manuel Göttsching und Klaus Schulze war natürlich auch zu hören. Die Sendung ist immer noch als Podcast auf der Website von Radio Eins abrufbar.

Das Schachportal Chessbase hat übrigens diese Sendung ebenfalls angekündigt.
A new and witty German online article about E2-E4
Heinz Markert from the Frankfurt-based online magazine ("for current affairs, film, art, literature and music") Weltexpresso recently wrote an article "E2-E4 mal wieder gehört" ("E2-E4 heard again"). You can read it (in German) on their website.
E2-E4 chosen as "one of the 50 solo albums you need to know"
The German music magazine "Musikexpress" put in its July 2021 edition a list of the "50 solo albums you need to know". Manuel Göttsching's E2-E4 is one of them. Read it here.

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