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Ashra: Correlations Complete (Limited One-Time Edition)

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Correlations <font size=-1><i>Complete</i></font> (Limited One-Time Edition)
Cover: Hipgnosis
Recorded: 1978, Berlin and Frankfurt
First Release: 2008 on MG.ART (as 5 CD box)
Performed by: Manuel Göttsching (guitar, synthesizer, sequencer)
Lutz Ulbrich (guitar, synthesizer, piano, mellotron)
Harald Grosskopf (drums, percussion, synthesizer)
Total Time: #1: 41:57
#2: 68:20
#3: 69:07
#4: 73:50
#5: 41:01
Cat. No.: MG.ART 205

This item can be ordered directly from us. Please check our shop!
# 1 :   Ice Train   07:39  
  Club Cannibal   05:24  
  Oasis   03:44   MP3
  Bamboo Sands   05:37   MP3
  Morgana da Capo   05:27   MP3
  Pas de Trois   08:58  
  Phantasus   05:08  
# 2 :   Paradise Express   46:11   MP3
  After the Flood   06:44  
  Steamer   15:25  
# 3 :   Promotion   15:20  
  Tempus Fungi   22:10   MP3
  Danna Wetter   26:57  
  D'accord   04:40  
# 4 :   A Scottish Flavour   10:01  
  Pas de Trois   39:15  
  No Angel No Cry   07:30  
  Ice Train   04:20  
  The Formula   12:44   MP3
# 5 :   Ice Train   05:51  First Mix MP3
  Phantasus   05:52  First Mix MP3
  Bamboo Sands   05:40  First Mix
  Springtime   03:43  First Mix
  Club Cannibal   05:49  First Mix
  Morgana da Capo   05:21  First Mix
  Pas de Trois   08:45  First Mix MP3

Disc 1 is the remastered original Correlations. Disc 2-4 contains the long time sold out The Making Of. Disc 5 is the previously unreleased first mix of Correlations by Udo Arndt and Manuel, which had the title Phantasus

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