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Press to Manuel's concert at the Jazzhouse in Copenhagen
Before the concert
Reviews by Emilie Engbirk and by Mathias Nieslon
An interview with Manuel made by Jacob Pertou for Passive Agressive (also on his Tangerine Dream page)
Some photographs made by radio The Lake
Manuel Göttsching's E2-E4 opens the Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam on July 30, 2015!
It is the 8th live performance of this track ever. Don't miss the chance to attend :-) Here is a picture of this great location!.

For the complete program and ticket order take a look on the festival website.
Christian Wheeldon's book about Manuel's music ist out!
More information and where to order it here.
Sylvain Mazars' interview with Manuel Göttsching in TRAX
Two pages of Sylvain Mazars' interview with Manuel have been published in the December 2014 print edition of the French music magazine TRAX. Here is the whole interview with nice videos (in French). Enjoy!
Manuel Göttsching performs Die Mulde in memoriam to Edgar Froese
On January 24, 2015 Manuel performed at Munich's theater Kammerspiele as part of their series Kraut & Drastik. A couple of days ago Edgar Froese died - both knew each other from Thomas Kessler's Beatstudio in Berlin of the Sixties - and Manuel dedicated a track from his album Die Mulde to him. But previously, Manuel recalled an episode, in which Edgar will be remembered by him forever.
R. I. P., Edgar!

Ash Ra Tempel's Friendship re-released by MG.ART
This album was the result of the last collaboration between the original founders of Ash Ra Tempel, Manuel Göttsching and Klaus Schulze. Invited by Julian Cope, author of the Krautrocksampler they prepared their concert at the Royal Festival Hall, London on April 2, 2000, dedicated to the band's 30th anniversary. The first edition was sold out soon and not available for many years. Due to the numerous requests we have decided to re-release this album in a new dress for Xmas 2014. The CD is available in regular shops, but you can order it also here.

Gin Rosé, the live CD of the concert to be re-released next year!

New 'Friendship' cover
Correlations in Concert Album of the Month!
Ashra's Correlations in Concert DVD was selected as album of the month December 2014 by the German music magazine eclipsed.

Wire Wire

Performed in 2012 at ufaFabrik it is the first concert by Manuel Göttsching & his band ASHRA for 12 years in Berlin.

It is a high quality video of the first concert performance of the legendary ASHRA LP "CORRRELATIONS" produced 1978 by Manuel Göttsching in collaboration with the awarded UK music producer Mick Glossop for VIRGIN RECORDS; recorded at the Panne-Paulsen-Studio, Frankfurt/M. In addition to the concert there is bonus material with informations what makes this album immortal and an 8-pages booklet with numerous photographs. End of August the DVD will be available in German shops, but also worldwide. Don't hesitate and order now in our shop.

Manuel performed for the 4th time im Poland
It was at the Ambient Festival in Gorlice/Poland, and for his wife who is traveling with him to all his concerts it was the best performance:-) Here an interview with Manuel before the concert, and here are some fan video excerpts to give you the feeling how it was.
PRIVATE TAPES for the first time on stage in the UfaFabrik on June 15, 2013
What a great concert it was! Here you can see some excerpts filmed by fans. And what a suprise it was when Jozef Skrzek, Manuel's friend and head of the famous Polish band SBB - Silesian Blues Band - appeared at ASHRA's concert at the UfaFabrik and joined the band for two tracks. Here the videos filmed by fans: "Niemand lachts rückwärts", Encore: "Deep Distance".
In the meantime there are wonderful reactions and photographs from the concert on facebook, but there is also a fantastic review by Jeremy Dunn on the planetgong forum. And an article by Sylvain Mazars about Manuel, the band and the concert. Enjoy!
Some excerpts from Manuel's E2-E4 concert in Madrid
Visuals created live by Rod Maclachlan.
The FREEDOMUNE Special with Manuel Göttsching on Dax TV
Dommune in an interview with MG before his E2-E4-Eternity concert on August 11, 2012 in Japan, dedicated to victims of the Tsunami and Fukushima. Both speak about the danger of nuclear power, but also about "The Making of SEVEN UP", a film project that MG's film production company CV Films Berlin prepares.

Watch the interview on Dax TV or on youtube.
And enjoy an excerpt from the FREEDOMMUNE concert on Dax TV, on youtube and on Vimeo, as due to GEMA only this link works in Germany.

Daisuke Konno's T-shirt with an anti-nuclear power message for the festival
You can order it in the artist's shop, but a limited number of big sizes, signed by MG, is also available in our shop. A part of the money is contributed to orphans and animals of Tsunami and Fukushima.
Transmediale Blog
Laura H. Zurriaga created and posted one video for every day of the transmediale to show her impression. This video blog was supported by Realeyz TV, the transmediale festival and club transmediale (CTM). Click here to see the clip about Manuel!
First reviews of the E2-E4 concert with the Joshua Light Show on September 8, 2012 at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw as part of Sonic Fiction - przemiany festival 2012 - which he and his crew enjoyed a lot!

Damian Koczkodon's review in his music blog elmuzyka (scroll down for the English version), which is also dedicated to Manuel's music in general. writes: "A pity for this special place, the good sound, nice visuals, an interesting idea for a program - but with the exception of Göttsching's concert, Sonic Fiction was a solid disappointment, not to say - a waste of time." (Polish: Szkoda wyjatkowego miejsca, dobrego naglosnienia, ladnej oprawy wizualnej, ciekawego pomyslu na program - z wyjatkiem koncertu Göttschinga, Sonic Fiction okazalo sie solidnym rozczarowaniem, zeby nie powiedziec - strata czasu.)

Even if we do not agree with the author's resume of this year's Sonic Fiction festival, it is nice to read that for him Manuel Göttsching's concert was the only one worth going :-)

More to follow....

Here are two video clips from the concert made by fans:
Clip 1
Clip 2

Announcing the concert:
Gazeta Wyborcza honores Manuel and his work.
Informations about the concert also in the Polish rock magazine Teraz Rock.
In the article "Wszystkie odloty Manu" (All of Manu's high-flights) T-Mobile Music congratulates Manuel Göttsching for his 60th anniversary and announces his concert in Warsaw enthusiastically.
A Rare Occasion - Meeting Manuel Göttsching
Lodown Magazine visited Manuel in his historical Berlin studio
Ash Ra Tempel up for a laugh!
Manuel Göttsching's „Traummaschine“ a track from his first Ash Ra Tempel album is played in the British comedy quiz show "Lucky Sexy Winners" on Channel 4, hosted by the famous comedians Vic & Bob. The show started on August 23, at 10 pm BST, and can be watched online on Channel 4 on demand for the next 30 days. Please scroll down to "Episode 1 - Vic & Bob's Lucky Sexy Winners".
On August 11, 2012 Manuel Göttsching performed E2-E4 in Japan at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, as part of Dommune's benefit concert for orphans who have lost their families in the earthquake in Japan on March 11th, 2011 and its aftermath. The concert has been streamed all over the world, and we asked our fans for donations. But as there were some countries where it was not possible to see it, we will upload the stream soon to additionally help the victims. Thank you in advance for your support!


Space Shower TV has filmed the performance and interviewed MG before. A mixture of both will be shown as an 1 hour programme on Japanese TV in Septembert 2012. We will inform you about the date with a link soon. In the meantime please check out some excerpts of the concert filmed by fans. Some photographs you can see here.

And here is a Japanese blog with reactions to this concert and two videos.

Previous concerts of E2-E4 with links to video excerpts:
8. Poland premiere at the festival Sonic Fiction/przemiany on September 8, 2012.
7. E2-E4-Japan - Dommune's benefit concert on August 11, 2012.
6. E2-E4 at Museum Abteiberg on June 23, 2012. Interview before the concert and 10 min. excerpt of the performance here
5. Spain premiere at Electrónica en Abril in Madrid on April 12, 2012
4. China premiere in Peking at Art Zone 798 on November 1, 2008
3. US premiere with the legendary Joshua Light Show in New York's Lincoln Center on August 15, 2008
2. Germany premiere on it's 25th birthday, December 12, 2006 in Berlin at Berghain
1. World premiere in Japan at Mt. Fuji (the first performance EVER) on August 27, 2006
Special Event on March 25, 2005 at Volksbühne Berlin with the contemporary music ensemble Zeitkratzer (also known from the performance of Lou Reeds' Metal Machine Music)
E2-E4 30th anniversary:
For it's very birthday on December 12, 2011, THE WIRE dedicated the cover story of its December issue to the 30th anniversary of this groundbreaking album. The author Keith Molinč also features Manuel's legendary bands Ash Ra Tempel/Ashra. By the way, how do you like Manuel as a Chess figure?

To read the article please click on the cover.

E2-E4 at Museum Abteiberg
Mönchengladbach, June 23, 2012: Before the concert Manuel Göttsching spoke with Düsseldorf's art channel about music, art and life style. Scrolling down the linked page, you can enjoy the music & maestro in a 10 min. video excerpt.
AshRa at ufaFabrik, Berlin
On June 8, 2012, Manuel's band performed at this historical location as a re-union of the band after 12 years, but also celebrating the release of the album CORRELATIONS COMPLETE which actually started here in 1978. The territory was abandoned and empty since the end of the war and young musicians like Manuel used it as a rehearsal space, before it was occupied in 1979 and an art center has been established. Enjoy some excerpts of the fantastic AshRa concert, filmed by fans: Icetrain / Flying Turtles / Morgana da Capo, Pas de Trois / Phantasus / 'new track' / Oasis, Club Cannibal / Blackouts.
MG & Joshua Light Show at Berlin's HKW
On February 4, 2012 they performed together as the hig light of the transmediale music festival. See some excerpts of the concert filmed by fans here: Big Birds, Dream, Lotus, Encore - a new track, composed for this concert, which will be released as a CD-DVD-box soon. Watch out!
Order your music!
Some leftovers of the CORRELATIONS LP can be ordered here, a remastered CD of this title is to be released soon. Also available is a limited edition of a 5-CDs-box, the CORRELATIONS COMPLETE, which contains the history of this album in sound, pictures and text, check it out here.
The first 5 Ash Ra Tempel albums are re-released and remastered by Manuel:

The Tokyo Tower Shop Kuraiya is cellebrationg the new re-releases. Please see here, and check the news there occasionally.

And Holger True dedicates a great article to the first 5 albums of the legendary band Ash Ra Tempel in Hamburger Abendblatt

The first album of Ash Ra Tempel in the Krautrock charts of the Good Times Magazine
SEVEN UP and Manuel Göttsching in the French daily newspaper Libération
It was Summer '72 when Manuel's band Ash Ra Tempel & Timothy Leary met on a farm in Switzerland to prepare the album Seven Up. Manuel tells about the meeting in the Summer Special of the French daily newspaper Libération. In 2012, 40 years after the session, a documentary will trace what happened to all the artists with their dreams and hopes....
E2-E4 30th anniversary CD:
The 30th anniversary edition is finally available all over the world, but also at our shop.

For E2-E4's 30th birthday a very limited DVD-CD-set of the first live concert of E2-E4 ever is also available in our shop. The concert took place for the album's 25th anniversary at Mt. Fuji in Japan. E2-E4 Live in Japan was released with a detailed booklet in English & Japanese and with bonus material. Check out the video clip.

In March, 2005, E2-E4 was performed by the renown contemporary Zeitkratzer ensemble and Manuel Göttsching on classic guitar at the Volksbühne Berlin. Check out the video trailer. The CD is available in our shop. The concert is planned to be released as a DVD-CD set with a nice booklet and bonus material.

- Alain Patrick from Brasil interviewes Manuel about E2-E4's for its 30. anniversary in his Electronic Standards.
- And Juan from Barcelona dedicates a block to E2-E4.
- Alexis Waltz congratulates in Süddeutsche Zeitung.

- And Christoph Klemp contributes to it in Ruhrnachrichten:

Red Bull Academy Radio Show presents:
Manuel Göttsching - Fireside Chat

"Manuel Göttsching - Klassiker", a new music series on Radio Eins dedicated to Manuel's "Classics"
On Manuel’s birthday, September 9, Elektro Beats started a new section where Manuel in person presents his most famous albums. Below the links to each programme from the recent to the first one.

On April 25, 2012 in the 10th part of the series Manuel presented the album Starring Rosi.

On February 29, 2012 Join Inn was showcased:

On December 15, 2011 Olaf showcased: Seven Up:

On December 14, 2011, Olaf Zimmermann celebrated the 30th anniversary of E2-E4.

On October 26, 2011 Manuel spoke with Olaf about Schwingungen:

On August 24, 2011 he showcased: Ash Ra Tempel, the very first album of his band:

On May 18, 2011 Belle Alliance was the subject of the show:

On March 16, 2011 Blackouts was showcased:

On January 26, 2011 Manuel and Olaf spoke about New Age of Earth:

On November 24, 2010 he showcased: E2-E4:

And as mentioned above, all started on September 09, 2010 when Manuel introduced his first solo work Inventions For Electric Guitar:

Fabricio Carvalho in an interview with Manuel
Please read the interview at Astronauta Pinguim, in English and in Portuguese.
Manuel Lemos Muradás interviews Manuel
Please read it in English or in Spanish.
Manuel Göttsching speaks with Alexander Kipke from online magazine Metal Trails. Enjoy!
A Polish review of New Age of Earth, written by Kubeusz.
A review by Thoralf Koß about Ash Ra Tempel's album Join Inn in
Christian Wheeldon, an author from the North of England is writing on Manuel’s biography:
It is possible to follow his work in this blogspot, which also includes a lot of interesting news!
Manuel's first solo album Inventions for Electric Guitar (1974) is out, remastered by maestro!
On Sunday, 19th February, 2012 Manuel spoke with Thomas Edlinger from Austrian radio FM4/ORF about how he created this album but also about "E2-E4" - both titles re-released on Manuel's label MG.ART. Listen to it on the programme "Im Sumpf". There you also can listen to 3 exclusive excerpts from Manuel's recent concert with Joshua Light Show at this year's transmediale at HKW in Berlin, on February 4, 2012 - Enjoy!

The first ever live concert of this composition for 4 electric guitars took place in September 2010 at the Metamorphose Festival in Japan, with Elliott Sharp, Steve Hillage, Zhong Shouwang and Manuel Göttsching performing. You can watch the track PLURALIS, filmed and emissioned by Japanese Music TV - thank you, Terutado Murao!
Press reviews before and after the concert with Joshua Light Show at transmediale:

By Volker Lüke in Berlin's newspaper TAGESSPIEGEL

Deutschlandradio Kultur, Breitband, 04.02.2012:

Deutschlandfunk, Corso, 03.02.2012:

Radio Eins, 01.02.2012:

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